Difficult life situations and decision making

Sometimes life confronts us with a number of challenges. These challenges can be both positive and negative. Some of them are predictable — e.g. the transition into a new phase of life like retirement, marriage or separation, birth of children, moving out of the parental home — and sometimes they come as a surprise — a pregnancy, a serious illness of oneself or a close person, the loss of a job. Often one finds solution strategies how to cope with the new situation. However, some situations can leave you feeling completely helpless, perhaps as a relative of a seriously ill person (e.g. cancer, addiction, dementia).

There are situations in life where an important decision has to be made. You want to do everything right in the situation and make the right decision, but you don't trust yourself and expect others to tell you what to do. In such cases, a fear of taking responsibility for one's own actions can develop. If you follow the advice of others, then it is not your own fault, but you have been badly advised. But what is the right decision, and can one know in advance what effect a certain decision will have on one's further life in its entire development? Making decisions is easy in some situations, but sometimes it requires a lot of courage.

I will be glad to support you in finding solution strategies in a challenging life situation and in making decisions that fit you and your needs. In the field I often work with client-centered therapy, hypnosis, mindfulness-based methods and elements from systemic therapy.