With my work, I want my patients to emerge stronger from a crisis or a difficult life situation, whether as a couple, as a family or as an individual. I help people to recognize and develop their strengths, boost their self-esteem, develop a different perspective on what has happened and find new strategies for overcoming problems. When working with couples, it is important to me that the partners treat each other with respect and as equals, develop understanding and compassion for each other, learn new communication strategies and either strengthen their relationship or find a way to split up peacefully.

My passion for psychotherapy stems from my own life story, which is rich in challenges and valuable experiences from different cultures and countries. I follow this way with great enthusiasm, passion and dedication. I know from my own experience that it is possible to successfully overcome stressful situations and challenges that life confronts us with, to gain new insights into ourselves and, if necessary, to make a fresh start.

I am married with two daughters.

Completed trainings/studies

  • Systemic single, couple and family therapy, ZfN, Munich
  • Couples in Addiction and Recovery, Gottman Institute
  • “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” Leadership Programm (“Gottman Seven rinciples Leader”), Gottman Institute Gottman Seven Principles Leader Badge
  • Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting, The Gottman Institute
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 1 und Level 2, The Gottman Institute
  • Treating affairs and traumas, The Gottman Institute
  • Grief, death and crisis support, ZfN, Munich
  • Trauma therapy, ZfN, Munich
  • Client-centered therapy according to C.R. Rogers and Focusing, HP-Lehrinstitut Lotz
  • Hypnotherapy according to Erickson, HP-Teaching Institute Lotz
  • Exam for Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, RGU (Public Health Authority), City of Munich
  • Basic training in psychotherapy, HP Lehrinstitut Lotz
  • Reiki, Grade I, Mudra Ulrike Wurm
  • Health and prevention counselor, Impulse e.V., School for independent health professions
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, International Business School, Plekhanov Academy, Moscow

Further activities

  • External psychological coaching in the context of an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Volunteer co-leader of a family members' self-help group at Blaues Kreuz München e.V. (addiction/co-dependency)
  • Volunteer co-leader of a self-help group for addicted adolescents at Blaues Kreuz München e.V. (addiction/alcohol/drugs)