I intend with my work that my patients emerge stronger from a crisis or a difficult life situation, that they recognize their strengths and grow in self-esteem, that they learn to accept and love themselves as they are, that they develop a different perspective on what has happened, and that they find new strategies for overcoming problems. In my work with children and adolescents, I pay special attention to enabling them to become mature adults, to assert themselves in life, to let them know that they are good the way they are, and to dare to say „no“ loudly and clearly whenever it is necessary. Sometimes you cannot change the situation. But what you can change is the way you look at it, as beautifully expressed in a quote of Dale Carnegie: „Two prisoners looked through the bars into the distance. One saw only dirt, the other the stars.“

My passion to work as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy stems from my own life story: a difficult childhood, a serious illness that I overcame, several relocations to different countries and the respective new social and professional beginnings that came with them have all been part of my life's journey so far. Professionally, I come from the field of business administration, where I was able to gain experience in different countries and cultures. During my professional life I have often met people who suffered from severe exhaustion or burn-out, or were on the verge of it. The process is insidious, and you often don't notice it when the red line is reached. In order to escape this and find your own inner balance, you have to know yourself and your own needs well, accept them and deal with them respectfully. Without support from outside, many find this difficult.

From my own experience I know that it is definitely possible to successfully master stressful situations and challenges that life throws at us, to gain new insights into oneself and, if necessary, to make a fresh start. It is possible to gain more quality of life, satisfaction and new life energy. The key to this can be found in ourselves and its components: a sense of self (what is good for me, what are my needs, where are my limits), a self-esteem and self-acceptance, as well as a treasure chamber of inner resources that each of us has. I accompany the people who come to me on their way to healing, self-exploration, searching for inner resources and their activation. Seeking help and accepting it, is a very courageous and important first step on the way to recovery.

Completed trainings/studies

  • Grief, death and crisis support, ZfN, Munich
  • Trauma therapy, ZfN, Munich
  • Client-centered therapy according to C.R. Rogers and Focusing, HP-Lehrinstitut Lotz
  • Hypnotherapy according to Erickson, HP-Teaching Institute Lotz
  • Exam for Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, RGU (Public Health Authority), City of Munich
  • Basic training in psychotherapy, HP Lehrinstitut Lotz
  • Reiki, Grade I, Mudra Ulrike Wurm
  • Health and prevention counselor, Impulse e.V., School for independent health professions
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, International Business School, Plekhanov Academy, Moscow

Ongoing educational trainings

  • Systemic therapy, ZfN, Munich

Further activities

  • Volunteer co-leader of a family members' self-help group at Blaues Kreuz München e.V. (addiction/co-dependency)
  • Volunteer co-leader of a self-help group for addicted adolescents at Blaues Kreuz München e.V. (addiction/alcohol/drugs)