Parents Coaching

„I only want the best for my child. Why doesn't he/she understand that?“

Living together and sharing everyday life with children is enriching, exciting, intense, but at the same time can be very challenging. Conflicts can develop on different levels, e.g. between parents, between parents and grandparents, and between parents and children.

Parents always want only the best for their children and act according to their own ideas to realize this „best“. The children often follow the wishes and ideas of the parents. Sometimes, however, there are situations in which the children do not "play along" and begin to rebel: as a result, communication between parents and children becomes strained. On both sides there is quickly a feeling of being overwhelmed and you have the feeling that you are going around in circles.

If you do not know how to proceed and you need support, I will be glad to accompany you in the context of parent coaching. In parent coaching I help you

  • to find a different perspective on the situation,
  • to make your own needs and the needs of your children visible, and to find a way to reconcile them,
  • to find new ways of communication and strategies to establish harmony and mutual trust in everyday family life.

Why parent coaching with me?

I offer parent coaching together with my husband Dr. Daniel Karrasch. We are parents of two daughters (13 and 16 years old). We talk to you at the eye level, from parent to parent. Often there are different ideas between the parents about how to deal with their children. Because we work as a team of two, we are able to accommodate the different views within the family very well and make sure that none of the parents feels excluded. Daniel brings valuable experience from his work with children as a swimming instructor and in his own logical and programming workshops. His swimming and programming courses are designed to be bonding- and needs-oriented, so that young people can develop their potential with joy and without the pressure of expectations and evaluation. Daniel's experience is a perfect complement from the field to my psychotherapeutic background as an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy.

Price per session of 60 minutes: 150 EUR
Price for block of 5 sessions: 600 EUR
If you decide to have one session first and then extend the coaching to a block of 5 sessions, we will only charge the price for the block.
If you are interested and would like to make an appointment, please contact us by phone or e-mail.