Personal relationships

Never try to change a loved one if you still want to like him afterwards.
(Erwin Koch)

Relationships accompany people their whole life. We have relationships with parents, siblings, relatives, partners, friends, school or work colleagues, neighbors.

The life experience that everyone makes in his life shapes the ideas of how a life should succeed and how the interaction with other people should work. Since every person with his or her life story is unique, and thus also his or her ideas about how this or that should work, conflicts arise again and again. The unfulfilled needs and related feelings of both parties play an important role. Conflicts can arise in any relationship: in the partnership, in the family (parent - child), at work, in friendship or even between neighbors.

Conflicts are thus part of everyday life and often one can deal with them well. But there are situations where they are felt as a great burden and the everyday life is strongly affected. In such situations it is worth getting help.

For problems in interpersonal relationships, I work with the approaches of non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg, client-centered therapy, with elements from systemic therapy, as well as with approaches of John M. Gottman from couple therapy.


  • Non-violent communication
  • Client-centered therapy (only available in German)
  • Systemic therapy
  • Couple therapy according to Gottman